How It Works

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1. Tell us about yourself

We won’t share your personal information.

We won’t ask you to link any of your accounts.

2. Get your free plan

Learn how to retire sooner, or increase spending power in retirement.

Includes optional free consultation with a licensed human advisor.

3. Open An Account

Tailored asset management.

Improve your tax efficiency.


Why evisor?

Mutual funds rather than ETFs, including access to Dimensional Funds

Our team of investment professionals has constructed model portfolios using mutual funds rather than ETFs. This reduces transaction fees to nothing, and enables greater diversification.

Charles Schwab is our Custodian

Your funds will be held at Charles Schwab, the largest custodian for Registered Investment Advisors in the world <– that’s a fact.

Sophisticated Financial Planning

Get answers to questions like “When can I retire?”, and “Am I saving enough for my goals?” through our online experience. 

Advisor Access

Our team of investment professionals include CPAs, CFPs, and CFA charterholders. Your initial consultation is free, with continued advisor access for users with evisor accounts at no additional charge. 

No minimum asset requirements

Open an account with zero money down, and fund it when you’re ready. 

No Strings Attached

No need to aggregate outside accounts, or open an account with us, in order to use our planning tool – yep, it’s free! 

What is the Pricing?

Financial Plan

 Including initial consultation with advisor



Free of Charge!


Asset Management

 Including annual consultation with advisor





Additional Advising

And advice for
non-account holders



$200 per hour